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Franz Furniture

Because everything matters.

Functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal are essential to a working environment that supports optimal productivity and creativity.

Franz Custom Business Furniture combines the classic craft of woodworking with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, ecologically responsible materials sourcing, and an advanced understanding of ergonomics and business psychology.

We create custom business furniture and workstation environments that are truly unique to the individuals we design them for. As much as any tailored suit, your office furniture is an extension of who you are.

Your custom project begins with a personal interview, and design sketches that reflect your requirements and workstyle.

Our designs range from classic, simple functional desk workstations to truly imaginative custom showroom designs.

For executives, we design environments that are complete reflections of his/her true needs, personality and working style.

We combine the latest in strong, cost-effective composite and laminate materials with beautifully finished wood surfaces, all of which are grown in renewable, ecologically responsible tree farms. We never use exotic or rainforest hardwoods from endangered lands.

The final result is an integrated environment that is welcoming, functional, and truly a pleasure to work in for many years.

"The office environment is where people spend almost half their time. Careers and fortunes are made or lost in them. My brothers and I believe that the importance of a carefully designed, aesthetically uplifting and functionally effective working environment cannot be overstated. We proudly offer the finest in craftsmanship, design, functionality and value that can be found, anywhere."
      - Dan Franz, President

The distinctive laminated beveled edge of many Franz designs is one of the elements that separates us from the plain angular world of typical office furniture.

While many of our projects are custom-designed for individuals, Franz also offers an impressive selection of pre-designed desks, computer hutches, cabinetry arrays and modular workstation units that excel in comfort, functionality, craftsmanship and classic design. These units are shipped ready to assemble with simple tools and easy-to-understand instructions. For our local customers, we also offer assembly services.

Our pre-designed furniture systems are the preferred option in an era of maximized employee productivity, high morale and office aesthetics within modest budgetary limitations. Franz systems have proven ideal for office complexes, sales offices, and other multiple-office business environments for a variety of clients, including banks, mortgage companies, and car dealerships.

We invite you to visit our website at www.to-franz.com and see our recent projects and a thorough review of the products and options available at Franz.

Or, call us at (415) 458-8800 and schedule an appointment. We will gladly visit your location, or can give you a tour of our San Rafael factory showroom and headquarters.


Because everything matters.

Excellence in your business environment will reflect in all the work you do with everyone.



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