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"He made the dent just... disappear. In my driveway, before lunch. It was like magic."

You know the feeling. Your car is a source of pleasure. Perhaps a very valuable one. You've worked hard to earn this.

Maybe sometimes you just stand and gaze at your car, admire the beautiful lines, the engineering, the details, the finish.

And then you see it.

The dent. It was not there yesterday. Suddenly all you see is the dent. No matter how well the engine is tuned, or how fine the leather interior is - there is a dent. Could be a parking lot door ding, but who knows?

Now all you can think about is the expense and inconvenience of having your cherished trophy sitting in some shop for a week, under tarps, being ground and drilled, with paint mist and lacquers and buffing wheels violating the beautiful paint finish you have admired since you bought it.

Damn. All that for a little dent. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars and days of waiting, insurance forms. Rental cars. And the finish may never be quite the same again.

Or, you can just try to ignore it; drive around with it, get used to having this ugly dent where there used to be perfection. After all, lots of cars have dents. You could just live with it. Be an ordinary person...

Yeah, right.

Fortunately, those are not your only options...

Confidents Precision Paintless Dent Removal: THE OTHER OPTION

Using Confidents PPDR is the sensible alternative to traditional body-shop dent repair. In fact, for many dents, Confidents PPDR is the ONLY option that makes any sense.

Developed in Argentina in the 1980's this technology was a trade secret in the automotive industry for years. Only the dealers and show-rooms knew how to remove little dents quickly, completely, without re-painting.

In the last decade, PPDR has become available in select metropolitan areas across the United States.

Confidents PPDR founder Corey McKinley and our Certified Master Technician staff have nearly 20 years combined experience. Our clients are from all over the Bay Area, as well as across the U.S., where we have been flown in by insurance companies after hailstorms and tornados.

Confidents PPDR is the Bay Area PPDR leader for quality, experience and value.



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