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We've always been a part of the California adventure.

Now, Disney thinks so too.

WHEN THE WALT DISNEY CO. decided to create a theme park that celebrated the essential flavors of California, the obvious places like our coastline, our redwoods, and the San Francisco Bay Area stood out.

Choosing which restaurants would express the true California spirit in Disney's California Adventure was not so easy.... except for Boudin Bakery, and our Bakery Tour attraction.

Disney recognized that Boudin's heritage is a true part of California History. In fact, Boudin Sourdough Bread was here before California achieved statehood!

Just imagine, all those gold miners eating our baguettes.

BEING COMPARED TO A REDWOOD TREE, an ocean sunset or the Golden Gate Bridge is, well, kind of flattering. Frankly, we've been rather busy making bread for the last 150 years, and never really tried to get famous.

But here we are, with all the other heritage in this wonderful place called California.

So, next time you go South, visit Disney's California Adventure, and take our Bakery Tour. It's fun.

And yes - Bob, our head baker, does give autographs.



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